ART 200 Essay II General Education Assessment Question

| June 7, 2016

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ART 200 Essay II

General Education Assessment Question




Compare and contrast each of these two artists’ approaches to the following images, using critical-thinking methods as explained and taught in each course:


Pablo Picasso, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, 1907. Robert Colescott, Les Demoiselles d’Alabama: Vestidas, 1985.


Your essay answers should give weight to the following ideas:


What are the dates of these two paintings and why are these dates important?

What are the artistic styles and periods in art history?

Who are these artists and why are they important?

What countries are these artists from and why is that important?

What are the precedents (sources) for each artwork by these artists? (Note: why did each of these artists do these paintings?)

What is the narrative (story behind) represented in each painting?

What are the colors represented and why are they present in each one of these painting?

What are the media used in each painting and why?

What are the historic artistic sources for each of these paintings?

What was the symbolism used for each of these paintings and why are the symbols presented in each painting?

What were the color palettes and sizes for each of these paintings, and why were they employed?

Why should we be discussing these two artworks together in this course and comparing them in our discussion of this essay?

Lastly, what is the importance of this “compare and contrast” assignment in our study of these two artworks in Art 200 at EKU? Now, form a conclusion for essay I (comparing and contrasting these two artworks).

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