Argument Questions in the book Practical Argument

| September 28, 2015

Chapter 1,2,4, and 7 of Practical Argument, 2nd edition. please answer each questions thoughtfully and thoroughly. DO NOT COPY ANYTHING FROM THE BOOK.
1 In your personal experience, have you noticed that logos, pathos or ethos work best on most people. Explain why you think that type of appeal is effective and specifically on whom.
2. From Chapter 1 of the textbook, pick any two “The Value of College” essays that take opposing side. Using the skills and techniques described in the relevant chapter, analyze each of the two select essay (see Katherine Choi’s good example on pp.71-73). Then pick the “winner” as supported by your analysis. Defend your choice using Argument terminology.
3. Answer the 4 questions (p.27) at the end of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s essay (p.26).
4. Analyze “Sweatshop Oppression” (p.107) or “Where Sweatshop Dream” (p.109). using the template on pp.108-109.
5. What tips found in Chapter 7 will you use to improve your 1st essay recently done in this class? (Pick at least 3) How will these tips help your essay?
6. What is the benefit of knowing the entire rhetorical situation?

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Argument Questions in the book Practical Argument
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