| January 10, 2015

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Based on the readings from this casebook, select one of the following writing prompts for your essay. Make sure you prepare your essay in MLA format including: a heading, a title, in-text citations, and a Works Cited page with a minimum of three sources.
Once you have completed a draft of your essay, post it to the Discussion page for Peer Evaluation as well as to this Assignment page
1.Choose two essays from this casebook that offer conflicting ideas about the meaning of the digital age. First, write a paragraph or two about the particular ways they conflict about particular questions or technologies. Then, find three or four more sources that offer arguments or analysis of these same questions or technologies. Once you have read your sources thoroughly, write your own essay, making an argument about the topic.
2.Identify a particular technology from any era (for example, the printing press, the book, the telegram, Twitter, or Google Books) and conduct some research on its origin and development. Use newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias, and academic journals to learn as much as you can about this technology. Then use at least two essays in this casebook to help you frame an argument about how it changes (or changed) the lives of the people who use (or used) it.
Book: Fields of reading 10th edition Motives for Writing
choose 2 from these 7 case provided that offer conflicting ideas:
1. James Gleick: Meme Pool (page 555)
2. David Friedman: From 1890 The first text messages (Page 566)
3. Hillary Clinton: internet rights and wrongs (page 570)
4. Clive Thompson: i’m so totally, digitally, close to you (page 583)
5. Jeffrey Thompson: The end of forgetting (page 594)
6. Nicholas Carr: Is google making us stupid (page 609)
7. Sherry Turkle: Connectivity and its Discontents (page 619)
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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Choose 2 Conflict Essay from a Book.
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