Arguing The Position

Arguing a Position (and Possibly Proposing a Solution) Purpose: Write a three to five-page essay exploring in depth and breadth a position that you argue on an issue important to you in your school, community, or society at large. You chose the issue, just be sure that it’s something you can formulate an argument on and not simply write your opinion! Issues like abortion, religion, gay rights, and gun control tend to produce very heavily opinionated papers. If you pick a topic on which you have a very strong opinion, make sure you construct a solid, well-researched argument rather than simply giving us your opinion on the topic. For the purposes of this essay, do not use any religious text as a source for research or any type of quotation. You need to start doing library research and I’ve seen too many students instead try to rely on their own interpretations of religious texts rather than putting in the time to research their topics. Once again, any type of religious text cannot be used for this assignment. Choose two articles from an online database accessed through the WCC library to use in a limited way to support your argument and show the logic and accuracy of your point of view. Remember, the articles should be used minimally in a way that offers credible, relevant support for your argument. Each article must be correctly cited within the paper whenever used and on the Works Cited page. Any information not cited is considered plagiarism. Be very careful about this. (Although I would suggest you only use the database resources, if you do have a background on this topic and need to cite an additional source such as a high school course lecture or lectures, a television show, YouTube video, etc., it’s important that you also give credit to this other source to avoid plagiarism.) Main Question at Issue: How can I best explain, develop, and support my argument? Development of Essay •The Introduction will hook the reader with some anecdote or bit of powerful evidence, present a quick over-view of why this topic is important, and end with a solid thesis which will control the organization of the essay. •One body paragraph may be necessary to give the reader some background information about the topic, especially when topics have a history or a language which the reader needs to understand. •Several body paragraphs, following from the thesis and using the database resources, should expound on your argument, proving to your reader that you are correct. •One body paragraph may be necessary to present a rebuttal (the other side) and to show why the other side(s) or your argument are weak, incorrect, or simply mis-informed. •The Conclusion will quickly remind the reader of your argument thesis and (possibly) suggest solutions to the problem you’ve identified. Note that these solutions should be aimed at your readers. Technical Expectations: •3-5 pages, standard MLA format •Clear arguable thesis with solid reasons •Quotations/paraphrase from a minimum of two database sources clearly cited •Correct Works Cited page with a minimum of two citations in MLA style