Argue whether or not the novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass is a fairytale.

| February 12, 2014

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Argue whether or not the novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass is a fairy tale.
Use the archetypes and motifs provided:
Good character
~ Do you see a kind, innocent character? Is the good character clever? Is s/he helped by others?
Evil character
~ Do you see a witch? A demon? An evil stepmother? A sinister gnome?
In the end, the evil character usually loses somehow…
~ Is there a castle? A prince? A princess? A king? A queen?
~ Do you see a poor working girl, a poor family, a poor shepherd? – Do you see poor people trying to eke out a living to have enough to eat
Magic and Enchantments
~ Do you see magical things happening? Do you see talking animals/objects? You might see fairies, trolls, elves, goblins, etc.
Reoccurring Patterns / Numbers
~ Do you see any patterns? Often, you’ll see things, phrases, tasks appear in "threes," “sixes,” and/or sevens
Universal Truths
~ the tale probably touches on some universal experiences (i.e., coming of age) or hopes (i.e., to have enough food and love)
Common motifs ~
• Talking animals / objects
• Cleverness / trickster / word games
• Traveler’s tales
• Origins ~ where do we come from?
• Triumph of the poor
• Human weakness explored (i.e., curiosity, gluttony, pride, laziness, etc.)
• Human strengths glorified (i.e., kindness, generosity, patience, etc.)
• Trickster (sometimes a hero, sometimes on the side of evil but humans benefit)
• Tall story (slight exaggeration – hyperbole)
• Magic words or phrases; repetition of phrases/words (abracadabra!)
• Guardians (fairy godmothers, mentors, magical helpers, guides, etc.)
• Monsters (dragons, ogres, evil creatures, etc.)
• Struggle between good and evil, light and dark
• Youngest vs. Oldest (sons, daughters, sibling rivalry)
• Sleep (extended sleep, death-like trances)
• Impossible tasks (ridiculously mind-numbing, fantastic effort needed to complete, etc.)
• Quests
• Gluttony / Starvation (there’s a fine line between eating for survival and succumbing to temptation)
• Keys, passes (opening new doors)
• Donors, Benefactors, Helpers
Also, please refer to other common fairytales to prove your point.
Include MLA internal citations and external citations for whatever outside information used.
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