Are Nin and Millet too Honest

| February 17, 2014

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This is a revision of the original writers work: “Despite many conflict in Millet’s statements she honestly accepted the realities of life. After connecting happiness with the power on many occasions in the book, she says on page 74 that “I don’t want power, only art and passion”. This is not from millet’s book but from nin’s book. I was just skimming through this and found this. I would appreciate if the current writer can give one more last try. I really loved his english and writing style, just a few mistakes.” This Essay is for a senior level English course called “Biographies and Autobiographies”. The professor assigned us a number of questions where the writer will be asked to choose the question of his interest and answer one in an essay format based on two books that the reader will have to read. The topics are: (Please choose only one of these) 1. Are Nin and Millet too honest? 2. Are Glassco and Millet “untruthful”? Does it matter? 3. Does Busby’s bio clarify Glassco’s memoir, or detract from its charm? 4. Are both busby and Nin equally seduced by artists or writers? 5. Is sexuality the key to understand the lives of Nin and Glassco? Why? 6. Discuss “expat” experience in Glassco and Nin. 7.Do Millet and Busby “exploit” or explore their subjects? 8. Why does Busby care to examine Glassco’s life? Please note that all topics are based on two books. For these topics, the books are as follows. Glassco, John. “Memoirs of Montparnasse.” NYRB. 97815901711844. Busby, Brian. “John Glassco:A Gentleman of Pleasure” McGill-Queen’s UP. 9780773538184. Nin, Anais. “Incest: From “A journal of Love,”The Unexpurgated Diary of Anais Nin, 1932-1934. Harcourt. 0-15-644300-7 Millet, Catherine. ” The Sexual life of Catherine M. Grove.”0802139868. In addition to this, there is also some examples of the kind of writing that the professor is expecting. I will send that to you after. Another piece of advice. The professors seems to bring the topic of sexuality alot in the inclass discussions. You are more experienced than me, you know better what to do. As this is 40 percent and I am at a crucial stage of my life, I am in a desperate need for a 85% plus. (There is also another essay in this course, I will get that written from you too ) I thank you in advance.
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Writing boldly and openly on the subject of sex has never been very common in any society of the world. However, a number of authors have played a very important role in producing wonderful literature on this subject. Anais Nin and Catherine Millet can safely be included among those authors. Nin and Millet are the two women in the history of literary who have presented their sexual and artistic expression openly and boldly in their literary works, attracting a large number of readers. Though the two women belong to different eras, their boldness and the style of expressions have some resemblance. Nin in The Unexpurgated Diary of Anais Nin, 1932-1934 and Millet in The Sexual life of Catherine M. Grove have talked about their sexual lives in their works in a way which make it clear that they both are honest in their comments. Nin and Millet who both have their roots in France earned good names as editors. Their works are considered as most remarkable records of individual lives and it would not be wrong to say that their works can perhaps be considered as valuable presentation in any literature of women as artists…….ORDER NOW……
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