Are Mergers and Acquisitions the best strategy for achieving strategic growth

| January 22, 2015

Students may start with an explanation of strategic development and then develop the discussion to consider definitions of development methods; mergers, acquisitions, alliances and joint ventures. Better answers will consider organic methods of growth. Students should use the literature to develop a critical evaluation of these methods and each student will have to decide upon the analytical emphasis of the essay; it is expected that individuals will adopt their own valid approach. There is NO ‘template’ answer. When discussing the literature, it should be in essay format (no headings) and: – • Provide a sound introduction, discussion and conclusion. • Form a coherent argument. • Define and discuss approaches to strategic development. • Support your analysis with evidence. Evidence may be drawn from any published source, but particularly academic peer reviewed articles and texts. Credit will also be given for practical illustrations, i.e. contemporary industry events, to support or refute academic positions.

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