Are GMOs improving food security in the Philippines?

| March 20, 2015

Option 1: Country Report For the country report please write a paper that discusses Science and Technology in the country that you have chosen for the semester. Some ideas include: How does a specific technology affect the country’s sustainable development? How might agricultural or mining technology relate to a country’s development process? Is technology policy top down, directed by the government, or bottom up, a spontaneous development as citizens engage with the world around them? Are agricultural technologies forced upon them like pesticides and fertilizers or genetically modified seeds, and if so is it government policy or multinational corporate interference in domestic agricultural interference? Does the country limit access to technology through policy decisions? Is the country experiencing the technology gap between the developed and less developed countries in the world? Is age 11 of 16 the country foregoing the development of traditional electrical generation technologies and infrastructure for localized energy production and distribution, and is this strategy sustainable? Is the country developing wireless communications in lieu of hardwired communications infrastructure? If so, is access balanced between rural and urban areas or wealthy and poor populations in the country? The topics that you engage depend largely upon how technology is employed in the country. The length of the paper is not truly restricted. Keep in mind that you need to write a complete paper, this means you should introduce an important issue involving technology and development and how it relates to the country you chose; make a statement about the issue that tells me what the paper will try to demonstrate. It should tell me what you think the relationship is between the technology or scientific field and your country of choice. The statement should be in question format, it should be something that you can answer within the pages of your paper, and be something that you will be able to answer using sources from the ASU library. Why is it important to investigate the issue that you engage in the paper? These questions and their possible answers would comprise the introduction. The body of the paper should be organized into sections that make logical progress toward answering your question. Do not organize your paper by sources, but rather, by topic. Your paper should include a conclusion, in the conclusion you should restate your question, then provide a succinct answer and discuss how your research presented in the body of the paper supports your answer. Did your research leave any unanswered questions? Are there any new questions that arose from your research that you might be able to answer in another project? This is essentially a research report that looks at a broad perspective of technology in a country.

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