Archetypal Tragic Heroes

| August 26, 2015

Basically, you will use the language of your applicable literary theory as a tool to illustrate some specific insight into your selected story. •Begin by re-reading your short story of choice. . •Re-read the literary theory you choose to apply to your short story of choice. . •Illustrate in writing your essay your ability to synthesize literary theory into analysis of a story. . When you have completed your re-reading of your selected story and decided which literary theory to apply, compose no fewer than 500 words analyzing your selected story to illustrate the critical theory you find most helpful to understanding the chosen fiction. You should make sure to highlight the theory’s main points in your first paragraph and show how that theory relates to your selected story. Do not summarize the short story, but, rather, focus on how the theory you choose to work with helps explain one of the story’s themes. EXAMPLES: Explain how your selected story reflects/illustrates: •the archetype of the stoic nurse/soldier and to what end/meaning. . •how a story reveals a state of mind, and to what end/meaning. (psychoanalysis). . •how a story (A) implies a reader or (B) engages in a transaction with YOU as reader, discussing what experiences you bring to your illustration of what you feel the story reveals to you and analyzing how the text produces a response in you as a reader, i.e. makes meaning (Reader-Response). . Having read the following: •Archetypal/Myth Literary Criticism •Feminist Literary Criticism •Alcott, Louisa May (1863). “The Death of John.” a/k/a “Death of a Soldier.” From Hospital Sketches. Retrieved from Also available at and •Howell, William Dean (1907). “Editha.” From Between the Dark and the Daylight. New York: Harper and Brothers. Retrieved from . Also available at You can read from these stories to write the essay

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