Archaeological Dig

| May 28, 2014

This paper covers the time period Prehistory to 1492. You will imagine that you are an archaeologist who is at a dig somewhere in the Americas (the New World). As you are digging you come across an object and when you touch it are transported back in time. Suddenly you can see the person or persons who made and used your object. In great detail, explain what your object is made of, who made it, and what it is used for. Please provide information not only on the technical aspects of the object, but also on its cultural aspects. For instance: You could find part of a robe and find yourself back watching a Clovis culture Native American processing the skin and making the robe. You must explain how the animal was killed, who worked with the skin, and what significance it has for the Clovis people. You should know that it is women who make robes and not men. You

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Documentary Film
Discuss the reasons for the growth of MNEs from emerging economies from a theoretical perspective. How are they able to compete with established ‘western’ MNEs? Why can’t their internationalization be explained by traditional theories? Do you agree that geographic, cultural, institutional and historic factors act as the main determinants of the relative success of emerging market MNEs? Argue your case with examples.

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