AQA GCE Advanced English Language: Unit 2 ENGA2 Representation and Language

| February 18, 2014

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English Language
AQA GCE Advanced English Language: Unit 2 ENGA2 Representation and Language
This coursework unit is designed to develop candidates’ ability to write for specific audiences and purposes and to explore the key ideas of representation and ideology. It draws on the key concepts of use-related variation, and develops their ability to use linguistic frameworks to analyse and interpret language in use. In the unit candidates will produce creative and analytical work linked by the issues of how texts produce representations of people, institutions and events, and help to produce, reproduce or challenge social values and attitudes.
Investigating representations
For the Investigation task candidates should investigate how texts might produce social values
and how they might contribute to maintaining or changing values. Candidates may study texts used to represent:
• social groups (eg according to gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, age, class)
• individuals (eg a celebrity)
• events and issues (eg a war, death, work)
• institutions (eg the monarchy).
Work should focus on how lexis, grammar, semantics and discourse structure in individual texts produce representations.
Candidates should explore the texts’:
• purposes
• construction of an author identity
• construction and positioning of an ideal reader and the shaping of response
• representation
• possible actual audience and interpretations
• genre.
Candidates should analyse between three and five texts (which may be extracts from longer texts). There should be a temporal relationship between the texts. An investigation may focus on a number of texts:
• produced at the same time (eg surveying newspaper articles published on the same day)
• evolving over times (eg a news story spanning a period of time)
• produced at different times (eg texts produced in the1950s, 1970s and the 21st century).
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