Applying the Ethical Frame Work in Practice

| January 13, 2015

Medical practitioners have a responsibility to ensure that patients are in a position to trust them with personal information regarding their health. They face challenges in maintaining the expected levels of secrecy to ensure utmost privacy of patients’ records and information in accordance to the Hippocratic Oath (Brown, 2010). When the patients disclose personal information to health practitioners, they have an implied guarantee of that such information remains confidential and inaccessible to unconsented or unauthorized individuals. This paper outlines the positive and negative ethical implications of breaching confidentiality and the ethical principles of making ethical decisions. It also provides an alternative to the case nurses’ Hathaway ethical approach and outlines how an ethical committee would make an ethical decision that collaborates the ethical theories and principles and ethical decision making framework.

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Approach to Care: Cancer
Explain the Ethical Implications of a Breach of Confidentiality.


Category: Health and Medicine

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