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| April 21, 2014

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The proving ground for what you have learned in this course is in applying your skills in research and writing to produce original work. This culminating phase of your Course Project presents an opportunity to integrate what you have learned throughout this course about your field and about credible sources, scholarly reading, and writing. You will create an original scholarly paper, incorporating what you learned about adult or postsecondary learning to your chosen field.
To prepare for this assignment, collect your assignments for Phases 1–5. Then, generate ideas and make notes on how the various theories and frameworks studied earlier this course apply to your chosen field by reviewing Chapters 3, 4, and 6 in your Kasworm text and any other chapter or research you feel applies. Review Chapters 11 and 12 in Kasworm for ideas on how you can contribute to positive social change and to professionalization in adult and postsecondary education.
Write a scholarly paper on your chosen field, as informed by scholarly theorists or researchers in the field.
NOTE: My Chosen Field is Adult ESL Teaching
• From Course Project Phase 1 assignment from Module 1: Edit this past assignment as an introductory paragraph that explains your chosen area of interest in adult or postsecondary education.
• From Course Project Phase 2 assignment from Module 2: Edit this past assignment into a cohesive paragraph or two to explain how historical antecedents impact your chosen field.
• Briefly describe the current landscape in your chosen field.
• From Course Project Phase 3 assignment from Module 3: Cite research topics that you think are relevant to contemporary problems or that would clarify pressing issues in your chosen field.
• From Course Project Phase 4 assignment from Module 4: Cite the three primary sources you chose as most credible and relevant to your chosen field to support your suggested research topics above.
• From Course Project Phase 5 assignment from Module 6: Incorporate paraphrasing and quotes from this assignment into cohesive paragraphs to help support your suggested research topics above.
• Explain what theories and frameworks you think are particularly relevant to your chosen field and why. Cite relevant sources from your texts or independent research.
• Finally, write a concluding paragraph, explaining how you think you could contribute to positive social change in your chosen field and to professionalization of the field of adult and post-secondary education.
Write and edit according to the following guidelines:
• Evaluate your paper according to the standards of the Scholarly Writing Paper Rubric. embed document
• Include a minimum of five (5) sources to develop your subject
• While researching your sources, record whether your notes are direct quotes or paraphrases, to avoid unintentional plagiarism later
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Technical Report based on research paper
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