Applying Cognitive and Affective Theory to Emotional Intelligence

| September 30, 2015

Write a 22 page research paper applying cognitive and affective theory to the psychological topic of Emotional Intelligence. Be sure to include all of the following requirements in the paper:
➢ Introduction: Introduce topic, tell the reader what to expect, describe the significance of the problem.
➢ Literature Review: Use scholarly literature to fully describe the topic of Emotional Intelligence and the theory related to the topic of Emotional Intelligence.
➢ Critical Thinking: Display critical thinking in evaluating and analyzing any flaws in the existing research about Emotional Intelligence.
➢ Creative Thinking: Display creative thinking by composing ideas for future research or how studies might be redone to reduce existing flaws.
➢ Discussion: Summarize existing research and relate it to the bigger picture in the field of psychology. Also describe future areas that can be studied in the area of Emotional Intelligence. Remember to apply cognitive and affective theory to the topic of Depression.
➢ References: Use peer reviewed and/or scholarly resources.
➢ In-text Citations: In-text citations and paraphrasing are done using APA format.
➢ APA format: Paper meets all APA formatting standards.
➢ Writing Mechanics: Use terminology and write clearly and concisely.
➢ Organization: The organization of the paper demonstrates critical thinking pertaining to Emotional Intelligence, and ensuring that cognitive and affective theory have been applied to the topic of Emotional Intelligence throughout the paper.

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