Applied Finance Technique

| March 27, 2015

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Complete ONE of the following
Create, test and analyse the performance of a technical trading rule.
Carry out an event study to analyse the response of an investment to that event

Applied Finance technique


Use the marking scheme below as the major tool to answer the question:


Create, test and analyse the performance of a technical trading rule”.


Marking Scheme Test 3

Requirement Weight Note
Source data 20% Get data from an appropriate source
Manage data 20% Work with data to complete the experiment
Apply economic/financial theory 20% EMH and behavioral theories of information
Apply asset pricing theory 10% How would assets respond to information in theory?
Make the case for your investment 20% Management and presentation of the experiment
Presentation 10% Charts labeled, coherent and consistent




Report should be written in 1000 words andthe data work should be presented in MS Excel (own working)


Make sure you explain each and every graph chosen.


Diagrams, Charts and tables are necessary for more explanation.


There should be proper communication so that the work will be properly understood.


The main focus should be the REPORT.


Using the Marking Scheme is very important when answering the question.


Finally, focus on the topic “The performance of a trading rule.


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