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| February 14, 2014

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I need to write specifically on data collection……..Below is information you can use as I am doing it on covenant NYC…………….I am attaching a format for the evaluation discussing data specifically…..
Data Collection
To answer the evaluation questions, the evaluator incorporates both primary and secondary data. Data collection will entail the use of questionnaires and interviews. A set of structured questions (QUANT) will be used for questionnaires. Secondary data would also be utilized to potentially help with costs and time, and obtain information on comparison areas where the questionnaire may not cover, and be available to fill in any gaps. The secondary data is available in books and sources from the internet. A group interview or observation will be utilized to help develop and test the questionnaire, but will not be used in the analyses and interpretation of the findings. To obtain participants to question, from the target population, will be through a random sample. In this evaluation, the beneficiaries and the community will provide the data. The evaluator will observe the ethical considerations of security and confidentiality when collecting data.
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Collection of data will involve the use of various data collection methods. Collecting data from the beneficiaries will entail the use of questionnaires and interviews. However, the evaluation of questions affecting the community will use questionnaires only.
Data Analysis and Interpretation
Some of the indicators that will illustrate success in this program include:
> Minimal number of street children
> Reduction in drug abuse among children
> Reduced crime in the community
> Increased skills and confidence in children in Covenant House
This evaluation will use descriptive statistics, used in providing summaries about the sample, and surveillance made. The evaluation will involve the beneficiaries, community and the management. Their involvement in the evaluation will help in coming up with conclusions for the report. To engage the management fully in the evaluation process, permission will be sought prior to data collection.
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