Application: Ethics Research Summary and Timeline

| June 25, 2015

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My Research topic is Social Work with Minorites  (African Americans)

Ethics go beyond rules and regulations. They guide decision making and actions with clients, colleagues, and society, based on core values. The Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers was developed to help guide social workers and social work students through ethical issues in social work practice. In this week’s Assignment, you analyze ethical considerations related to your research topic.
The Assignment:
Submit 3–4 pages in which you do the following:
Briefly describe the research topic you selected SOCIAL WORK WITH MINORITIES (AFRICAN AMERICANS).
Analyze ethical considerations involved in your research topic.
Analyze historical ethical practices related to the topic.
Analyze current ethical practices for your research topic.
Finally, develop an entry for your Final Project Timeline in which you summarize the ethical considerations of your research topic in 2–3 sentences (TIMELINE TEMPLATE ATTACHED WITH FILES. Use the Final Project Timeline Template. Please note: Although the timeline will not be graded as a part of this Assignment, you should submit it with the written portion to your Instructor for feedback to incorporate in your Final Project. Your timeline will be evaluated in its entirety as part of the Final Project in Week 11.



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