appellate law

| December 15, 2015

Has there ever been any case where the MI Ct. of App. heard a case directly from a state agency skipping the cir. ct.?

The cir. ct judge heard a superintendent control show cause hearing case against a state agency who has an agreement with the federal government to provide its state residents with the 100% fed. program refused to use the strict legal guidelines established by the fed. gov’t for state agency grievances. The judge did an open court tirate for 20 min. that would be grounds for disbarment when the judge found out who was representing the Petit. ONLY at the Admin. Agency Hearings level & tried to pressure the Petit. into changing Admin. Hearings Repres. in open court. The Petit. pointed out that all she wanted was what had been requested 2.5 months ago on the list of discovery from the Resp.: the Resp’ evid. for the negative actions, a list of the Resp’ witnesses & the requested state agency policies. The judge was forced to sign Petit.’s 7 day order so the judge’s actions could be appealed. Now, agency deliberately created new action trying to force case back to the same cir.ct. judge.

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appellate law
appellate law

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