APA Activities Assignment

| January 10, 2016

UNV-504 Week 2 APA Activities

Complete “APA Activities 1” and “APA Activities 2” by the end of Topic 2. Upload to the appropriate drop box by the end of Topic 2.

APA Activity 1

  1. Correct the in-text citation in the sentence below.

Neither group showed any significant growth (Wong and Tuttle 2005).

  1. Correctly format the reference below.

Bretschneider, John Garrett and McCoy, Nancy Lewis, 1968. Sexual Interest and Behavior in Healthy 80- 102-Year-Olds. Archives of Sexual Behavior, Vol. 14, pp. 343-350.

  1. Correctly format the reference below.

Hashimoto, Thomas. (March 13, 2000, p. 23). Seeing Red in November. Newsweek, vol. 199.

  1. What is the correct way to format quotations longer than 40 words?
  1. Compose a direct quotation using only the underlined information from the sentence below. The quotation should be grammatically and APA stylistically correct.

Pride and Prejudice is a novel by Jane Austen that deals with issues of class, gender, and social status, in addition to being a love story.”

  1. Rewrite the quote below so that it includes an explanation in your own words to the reader that Mr. Johnson is the founder of the Eat More Oreos Foundation.

“Mr. Johnson declined to comment on this article.”

  1. Does the sentence below need to be cited? Why or why not?

Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft.

  1. Does the sentence below need to be cited? Why or why not?

Students who studied two hours a day did 25% better on the final exam.

APA Activity 2: Citing Practice

Create a reference page by citing the following sources in correct APA format. You may use your text or the OWL website to help you, but do not use citation generators.

  • A text book: The second edition of Psychology and Your Life by Robert S.  Feldman written in 2013. The publishing city is New York New York published from McGraw Hill Companies.
  • PBS Frontline special League of Denial
  • The document found at this address:


  • The movie Silver Linings Playbook
  • The episode of Friends titled: The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss
  • The 6th edition of the APA Manual

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