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The topic must be approached from an analytical or critical thinking perspective. It connot be purely descriptive, e.g, types of depression, types of racism, etc. purely descriptive papers will receive no more than two to three extra points (out of ten). The best way to approach your topic is by presenting it as a question. Examples of analytical papers are: the children for divorced homes more likely to experience depression as adult than children for intact families?. are some cultures more predisposed to racism than others?, what are the types of parenting skills that lead to higher emotional intelligence in their children?, why is the suicide rate higher in some countries than in others?,ect.

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Profitability – Discuss the trends in the firm’s common size income statement along with trends in its profitability ratios. Explain the reasons for these trends and how they compare to the trends found for your comparison company.
Compare and contrast the morphological, phylogenetic, biological, and general lineage species concepts.


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