Antithesis and Metaphor in Dramatic Literature

| February 12, 2014

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Every question need two different answers. It is short answer, so just need 3-4 sentences
(1) Antithesis
You have read about antithesis and metaphor in dramatic literature. Some examples of antithesis in Side Man would be:
Examples: The bandleaders/Sidemen, the artist (rich with artistic passion: i.e. Gene and the guys)/the non-artist (bereft of personal passion and purpose: i.e. Terry)
Consonance/Dissonance (Musically speaking)
Consonance and dissonance are subjective qualities of relationship that we assign to music intervals. [An interval is the distance between musical tones] A dissonant interval can be described as being “unstable” or demanding treatment by resolving to a consonant interval. A consonant interval is one that is stable and does not demand treatment. However, dissonance in itself is not an undesirable thing; we use dissonance to provide the “spice” to music. Thus, there is a hierarchy of consonant and dissonant intervals. (Chords having dissonant intervals are themselves considered dissonant). (
1. How might Consonance and dissonance – the musical tone relationships – be a metaphor for the human relationships in Side Man?
2. Name at least 3 other examples of antithesis from Side Man
(2)Autobahn Final Post
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What did you think? Did you find the process of reading this play to be pleasurable? Annoying? What does this play say about life? About relationships? Is there any other possible way to stage it when some semblance of a vehicle seems necessary? Or does it? Is there a different theatrical convention you might employ regarding scenic design? Is “site specific” theatre (theatre created in existing locations, atmospheres, establishments) an option?
What Themes? Motifs? Symbols? did you identify
These are just prompts to encourage a response to the play. You need not answer all. DO answer the questions about theme, motif, and symbols.
(3) Theatricality in Side Man
Side Man is often called a memory play: A play that focuses on the past as narrated by the main character. In this case, the action that is literally taking place on stage, is figuratively occuring in Clifford’s mind.
[Memory play is a term that was coined by playwright Tennessee Williams to describe his play The Glass Menagerie. Some other plays that might fall into this category would be Our Town by Thorten Wilder. Though the narrator/stage manager is not in fact a personage of the town, he is plugged into roles for the telling of the story.]
We experience the story Side Man through the lens of Clifford, from his perspective and experience. As narrator, he flows in and out of the present and past, in the action and as narrator. This is a theatrical convention of the play. A use of ‘Theatricality.’ This play utilizes realistic dialogue, heightened realism in the sets and theatricality in the use of the narrator and other particular moments. Identify where you find the theatricality. Is it effective? Are you able to suspend your disbelief when Clifford speaks about the “Melody Lounge” he went to as a kid to the audience, and then he walks over to sit at the bar in the present? Be specific.
(4) Themes in Side Man
The theme that one’s existence is a curse laid on others, particularly on one’s mother and/or father, is a very old theme in dramatic literature. Clifford alludes to that in Side Man. Can you identify a play, myth, or story that resonates with this idea? (discussed in Collaborate 1 and notes)
A theme in Side Man is the many unanswered questions: the “What if’s” Name some of the “What if?” questions mentioned or inferred.
Identify 1 theme that you feel is of magnitude in Side Man
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Fourth response: How is it possible to read something wrong?
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