Antibody Structure, a Practical Write Up

| January 7, 2015

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The write up required is based on a practical already conducted. No introduction is needed; what is needed is a discussion regarding three questions.
1) Dithiothreitol (DDT), does it only cleave the J chain, or does it alter other aspects of the Igm antibody – why didn’t (if not) the indirect anti-IgM result in agglutination? You may want to discuss intrachain and interchain binding as well as the J chain.
2) How are IgM antibodies used in diagnosis, highlighting key examples of assays which use this class of antibody and reagents to cleave antibody such as DDT?
3) What other chemicals/enzymes can be used to cleave immunoglobulin?
In regards to referencing; you should provide a full reference list as well as appropriate Harvard referencing in-cite texts.
For references, please do not use books. Instead, use reviews and original articles by scientific publishers, i.e. Pubmed, Sciencedirect and so on.
Please use the attached word document for additional information and for the specific questions at the end.
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