Anthropology 132 Native People of North America Final Essay

| February 16, 2014

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Native People of North America
Mark Q. Sutton
An Introduction to Native North America, 4 ed.
Pearson, 201
Write the essay.
• Choose one of the following topics and write a five paragraph essay.
• The essay should be in proper format and be comprised of a well-developed argument or comprehensive answer to the question.
• Use the traditional fiee paragraph essay format, where you have a well-defined thesis that outlines the main points of your paper. Each of the points listed in your thesis should have its own paragraph in the body of the essay. The last paragraph is the conclusion where you will summarize what you have written. Do not introduce anything new in the last conclusion paragraph.
• You should only use your textbook, no outside resources should be consulted.
• You can copy and paste from a word document or attach a word, word perfect, works, or rft. file. Attaching a file is better because it preserves the formatting and you can often spell and grammar check your work.
1. Compare and contrast hunter/gatherer (foraging) tribes with tribes that had agriculture. Describe the differences in how they lived (housing, family groups), religion, politics, etc.
2. Describe the various weapon technology and warfare tactics used by Native Americans over time, include a discussion of how it changed post-European contact.
3. Discuss Native American religion. Think in terms of how it impacted everyday life, the cosmology, etc.
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Discuss culture and its importance to anthropology.
The American Anthropological Association ‘Statement on Human Rights’ (December 1947: its emphasis, critical assessment, and its influence (if any) on the universalism-relativism debate.


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