Anthr160 Sources

| July 12, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

All your assignments requiring citations, quotations, and other specific formatting will follow the “Society for American Archaeology” style. I’m attaching the document above.


From main style guide go to the specific sections for examples on:


Quotation: 3.3.6

Italics: 3.3.8

Capitalization: 3.3.9

In-text reference citation: 3.4

References cited at end of paper: 3.9


Requirement for citations:


-3 sources for Outline/sources assignment. Make sure you follow the SAA format.


-5 or more sources for the final paper (topic of your choice)


Primary sources (original research) (at least 3) [can be book or peer review journals]

Secondary sources (rest) [can be book, peer review journals, or other sources]

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Practicum Assignment Executive Summary


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