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| July 9, 2016

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  1. What is macroevolution? How does it differ from microevolution?


  1. What evidence do we find in the fossil record that indicates macroevolution has occurred? How do evolution scientists explain the incompleteness of the fossil record (i.e., that there are “gaps” in the record)?


  1. Under what circumstances would a crossbeak finch have an advantage over finches without crossed beaks in natural selection and sex selection?

I would refer to the book The Beak of the Finch by Jonathan Weiner.


  1. What is sex selection and what role does it play in evolution? What are some of the strategies Darwin’s finches use in playing this role?


***note in APA USA 2016


Always cite by a match to the exact first word(s) of the corresponding reference listing, even if that is a title. Do not use anything else. The first time you must spell out an acronym and include it after the name in brackets. The next time you can use the acronym.

All titles must be in sentence case. With few exceptions sentence case means that you don’t capitalize anything that you would not capitalize in a regular sentence. See page 16 of the linked APA guide for the specifics.

Do not italicize article titles.

Italicize all book titles, though.

Italicize all journal volume numbers, but not the issue numbers in parentheses.

All books must include the city, state or country if not US, and the publisher.

With up to 5 authors you cannot use et al. in the first citation. You must list them all and then you can use it the second time.

Spell out acronyms the first time in citations and include the acronym in brackets. Then you can use the acronym the second time.

Italicize all journal volume numbers, but not the issue numbers in parentheses.

All titles in APA must be in sentence case. See page 12 of the guide and the examples. Sentence case is how it sounds – you capitalize little more than you would in a regular sentence.

Volumes are not in italics and are in parentheses abbreviated like this: (Vol. 1).

Do not italicize article titles – book and film titles only.

Do not follow journal numbers with a date.

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