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| July 27, 2016

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Answer 4 questions. Must be in APA 2016 style. Each answer must be 250 words each. All titles must be in sentence case. With few exceptions sentence case means that you don’t capitalize anything that you would not capitalize in a regular sentence.
Do not italicize article titles.
Italicize all book titles, though.
Italicize all journal volume numbers, but not the issue numbers in parentheses.
All books must include the city, state or country if not US, and the publisher.
Use at least one citation in every paragraph, and often more, especially if you have used more than one source.
With up to 5 authors you cannot use et al. in the first citation. You must list them all and then you can use it the second time.
Spell out acronyms the first time in citations and include the acronym in brackets. Then you can use the acronym the second time.
Italicize all journal volume numbers, but not the issue numbers in parentheses.
Do not italicize article titles – book and film titles only.
Do not follow journal numbers with a date.

1. Describe the various mechanisms by which new genes can be acquired by organisms.

2. Define and describe both DNA and RNA. Why are they important and how do they differ?

3. Describe the process of DNA cloning in mammals. How do geneticists reprogram DNA? Describe potential problems, side effects, and ethical considerations of the process.

4. Describe the scientific process of DNA fingerprinting. What are tandem repeats? Is DNA fingerprinting accurate? In what ways has it been used?

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Group Think
Global inequalities are a contemporary form of imperialism. Discuss with examples.


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