Answer to the following questions

| September 19, 2016

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Answer to the following questions
Submit answers to the following questions in a SINGLE Word document. You may have to look for information outside of the course material to answer these questions. For each question, the answer should be 1-2 single-spaced strong paragraphs. All answers will be run through an online plagiarism tool to check for original writing, so be sure to write in your own words and cite your supporting information using APA citation format.
What is the purpose of a protocol?
What are the advantages to layering in an architecture?
Suppose you use your computer at work (which is connected to the local area network) and download a Web page. Based on that situation, list the technologies, protocols, and performance metrics being used.
What are the reasons an organization might still use analog today?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of microwave transmission?
What are the important factors to consider when evaluating or comparing the various media options?
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Commercially available software tools used to measure and monitor network performance.
Contemporary international problems'

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