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| March 23, 2015

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answer these questions: 

Based upon this week’s reading and your own understanding please answer the following questions. Is it ethical to randomize clinical treatment trials? Meaning is it ok to hold treatment from one group and give it to another? Why is randomization important in research of a quantitative nature? ANSWER: It removes researcher bias and improves reliability. But what ethical questions are raised? The question as stated above is whether we are withholding treatment from one group while giving it to another, whether it be a clinical drug trial or a new training tool. Is this ethical? Why or Why not?

What are some of the ethical or human subjects issues that may exist in your own research direction? What do you need to be careful about regarding your design? 

NOTE: for the second question: My research topic is about disabilities persons in Disaster planning. i will also upload paper that i have done in my research to help you answer this question. 


FDA, Ethical Codes.

Stallings Ch. 12 & 13

I will also upload files: 

please read and writer according to the reading material i have mentioned and uploaded.


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Influence of altered position of the cephalogram on the measurements.


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