Answer following questions

You should base your responses to the following questions on the insight found on the following websites.

Assume that Safeway Inc. has acquired Sobeys. When using the Safeway website, please make use of The Factbook under the Investors heading. Please answer the following questions. In your opinion, how might this acquisition affect: :

  • The make-up of the executive teams of both companies,
  • The geographic markets served of both firms,
  • The stored brands offered by both firms,
  • The distribution network of both firms,
  • The store locations of both firms, and
  • The overall number of employees,

Please limit your response to this assignment to three single spaced, typed pages. Please cite your sources in the text and please reference them at the end of your assignment. Please end your write-up with one paragraph that summarizes what you think is the importance of this assignment.