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For this assignment, you will complete a modified Research Plan Form given in the resources, based on Smart Alex’s Task 1 on page 476 of your Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS Statistics text (if you are using the third edition, look on page 393). This form is a modified portion of the approach that will be used to submit your dissertation research ideas after your comprehensive exams. (The original form is found in the iGuide page SOBT Research Plan Review Process.) Note: Complete the Research Plan Form as if you were Smart Alex completing Task 1; do not submit your own research project.

Complete the following:

  • Decide whether each of the Research Plan Form’s boxes can or cannot be directly addressed with your research design. If it cannot be addressed, briefly explain the reason in the appropriate box.
  • Do not leave any blanks without an explanation, rather, state any assumptions you need to make. Be sure to state and check the assumptions of ANOVA as instructed in the Research Plan Form.

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