Annual Report of the Oncology Care Program Course Project

| April 23, 2014

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Week 7 Assignment
1. Examine your Week 4 Excel spreadsheet assignment to ensure that the data is accurate and correct based on your instructor’s recommendations, the graphs are good quality representation of the data and aimed at the prospective audience, and clearly presented. These will be used within the Word document to be submitted this week.
2. Develop the Oncology Care Program Annual Report using the statistics presented last week and the format below. Incorporate the required questions in an APA formatted (see Student Resources tab for proper formatting) paper incorporating several key concepts and applications discussed throughout the course. The overall body of the paper (excluding title and reference pages) should be 7-9 double-spaced pages.
3. Submit to the Dropbox by at the end of Week 7.
Page 1
APA Title Page (use applicable page numbers in upper right hand corner) using the following format:
Annual Report of the Oncology Care Program Course Project
Data Apps & Healthcare Quality
Page 2
Introduction to Oncology Care Program
1. Present a comprehensive overview of the cancer program at Sunshine Hospital, including any key awards, accreditation, etc. that would be pertinent to the reader including outcomes.
2. Prepare an alphabetical listing of the Oncology Committee members, along with names you decide, based on the position titles in the presentation. Include any other departments, or positions, you feel are important to a multi-disciplinary program.
Oncology Program Narrative Report
1. Develop a 1-2 page narrative report and include the following items:
a. Outlining the year’s statistics for Sunshine Hospital.
b. Overview of the oncology program standards
c. Overview of pertinent accreditation and governmental requirements.
d. Overview of CTR responsibilities including coding scheme, staging guidelines, how cancer registry data is used for clinical quality assessment and performance improvement, and quality management of cancer programs.
2. Any other areas you feel instrumental in the audience understanding the Oncology Program at Sunshine Hospital.
Subsequent pages (in this order)
Sunshine Hospital Oncology Program Statistics (Be sure to label all items)
Under each graph, give a 2-4 sentence assessment of the data from the perspective of a CTR (Please consider making the graphs small enough so that 2-3 are on each page.)
1. Prepare a pie graph of breakdown in total cases with CTR assessment.
2. Prepare a column graph indicating the age distribution with CTR assessment.
3. Prepare a pie chart indicating the stage at diagnosis with CTR assessment.
4. Prepare a bar graph of males by site and females by site with CTR assessment.
5. Prepare a line graph indicating the incidence of lung oncology cases over a five-year period with CTR assessment.
6. Prepare a graph (choose an appropriate one) for age at diagnosis for lung oncology with CTR assessment.
7. Prepare a graph (choose an appropriate one) of how the diagnosis of lung cancer was made with CTR assessment.
8. Prepare a graph (choose an appropriate one) of the histology of lung cancer with CTR assessment.
9. Prepare a bar graph of lung cancer treatment with CTR assessment.
Present a conclusion on the success (or failure) of the oncology program and what lies ahead in the future in terms of initiatives, goals, or objectives.
Last Page
1. APA references
Scenario Summary
Sunshine Hospital is a 235-bed teaching hospital in Marin County, California with generating revenue of more than $700 million last year. It employs 1,220 employees, 698 multidisciplinary physicians, and has renowned regional cardiology and oncology programs, specializing in lung cancer. It is JCAHO and URAC accredited, has cancer research funding through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) through 2010, and has achieved a three-year accreditation with commendation by the Commission on Cancer.
The Oncology Care Committee is a multidisciplinary 20-member committee, chaired by the chief oncologist, and includes regular members a pathologist, anesthesiologist, diagnostic radiologist, several surgeons of various specialties, lead oncology nurse, Director of Nursing, Director of Social Services, Director of Health Education, Director of Quality Services, Director of Dietary Services, pharmacist (Pharm D), and a hospital administrator. Other departments, or professions, are included on an ad hoc basis. The primary purpose of this committee is to establish the direction of the oncology program at Sunshine Hospital, evaluate the oncology protocols and quality of care using internal and external data, and make recommendations for improvement to meet regulatory and accreditation standards.
It is that time of the year when the 2007 Sunshine Hospital Annual Report is being developed to be distributed to not only medical staff, but also patients and community leaders. After having been at the Executive Committee meeting the previous day, John Anderson, HIM Director, has called two key members of the HIM department together to discuss the data required for this report, which is due in two months – you and the data analyst. It is your responsibility to develop the yearly Cancer Registry Annual Report, which is used for the hospital’s Annual Report.
Your Role/Assignment
You are an RHIT and Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR) by The National Cancer Registrars Association’s (NCRA). You are responsible for administrative oversight and support of the program, including compiling the data for the cancer registry program and coding all cancers, statistical breakdown of specific cancers and stages, and patient demographics of the patients; support the NIH research grant; and reporting statistics to the organizational Cancer Committee, Morbidity and Mortality Committee, and other committes as requested.
As the Cancer Registrar, you are responsible for the development of the yearly Cancer Registry Annual Report, which is used for the hospital’s Annual Report. The HIM Director has tasked you to present the initial required data listed below to him in an Excel spreadsheet and graphs within four weeks for his review. (Due in Week 4 of this course).
After his approval (and instructor grading and feedback), you will then develop the Cancer Registry Annual Report using the compiled data from Week 4, and additional key requirements for incorporation into the Sunshine Hospital’s yearly report by the CEO. (Due in Week 7 of this course)
Key Players
Patrick Johansson, MBA, CEO
Mr. Johansson has held this position for the past four years and reports to the Hospital’s Board of Directors. He was the previous Vice President of Financial Management at Sunshine Hospital, and his vision has driven Sunshine Hospital to achieve high standards of quality and numerous recent accreditation awards and fiscal accountability. He is known for his personal nature with all employees and his attention to details.
Nancy Turlick, MD, Medical Director, Oncology
As the Oncology Program Director, Dr. Turlick has been at Sunshine Hospital for five years and came from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. She has spearheaded quality of care initiatives, which has led to revision of oncology standards of care that are established with current evidence-based medicine research, both within Sunshine Hospital and oncology nationwide. She is a hands-on Director, following the statistics of the program very closely and is a frequent visitor to the HIM Department.
John Anderson, RHIA, HIM Director
Mr. Anderson is a recent graduate with a Master’s degree in Health Information Management (HIM) and Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA). He has been an employee of Sunshine Hospital for the past three years and was previously the Data Analyst in the department.
Sarah Montgomery, Data Analyst
Ms. Montgomery’s job requires her to extract, analyze, and report hospital data to the entire organization using various databases. She provides specific patient services and hospital data including ALOS, LOS, surgery, deaths, births, admissions, discharges, pharmacy, claims, etc. on a monthly basis to the Executive Committee, Quality Council, Financial Management Committee, Risk Management, and Infection Control.
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