Annotated Bibliography on Theories related to Risk

| April 21, 2014

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One of top 10 qualified writers is requested to develop annotated bibliography about different theories related to risk. To complete this task successfully, the writer needs to do the following:
1. Select five (5) from the following highlighted seven (7) theories of risks:
• Cultural theory of risk by Mary Douglas
• Risk society by Ulrich Beck
• Governmentality theory of risk by Foucault
• Risk: a sociological theory by Lunmann, Niklas
• Anthony Giddens’s account of high modernity, which consider the notion of risk.
• Edgework theory by Stephen Lyng
• Actor network theory (ANT) by Bruno Latour, Michel Callon and others.
Following are books for easy reference, which explains these theories:
Arnoldi, Jakob. (2013). Risk: Wiley. (Chapter 3 highlights all the seven)
Luhmann, Niklas. (2011). Risk : A Sociological Theory. Meuchen, DEU: Walter de Gruyter.
Lupton, Deborah. (2013). Risk: Second Edition: Taylor and Francis.
2. For each of the five selected risk theories, the writer should preform the following:
a. Select 10 published articles, which focus on the theory. No books or any other reference types are allowed.
b. Write annotated bibliography for each published article.
c. The length of bibliography for each published articles should be between 50 to 100 words.
d. Each bibliography should reflect wide and diverse reading of the published article with emphasis on the risk addressed by the specific article though the focused theory.
e. All selected 10 published articles should:
i. Be introduced with one introduction and closed out altogether also with one conclusion.
ii. Together address the criticality of the selected theory, the theory development overtime.
iii. Together build argument and show good structure of argument through out the 10 annotated bibliographies.
3. The writer should do exactly as illustrated in step 2 for each of the five (5) selected theories of risks. This should bring up a total of 50 bibliographies with maximum word limits of 5000 and minimum of 2500 plus five (5) introductions and five (5) conclusions.
4. Selection of 50 selected published articles by the writer should:
a. Be available for easy retrieval through Internet.
b. Not limit the focus on theory application at one context or discipline rather to show selection of wide range of contexts such as security, finance, international relations, society, health, environmental, etc.
c. Have no more than three published articles selected from any single journal issue. Also, published articles selected from a single journal issue source must have different authors.
5. Referencing format is APA. Also, enclosed are some tips related to annotated bibliography.
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