Annotated bibliography for upcoming research paper. please see paper requirement and the attachment below for detail.

| October 21, 2015

for the 10 sources = i – (4 Textbooks- 2 full length books and 2 primary source books. Just add 1 more book to the Shiers George, Kruger, and Umphlett which are already in the references list above.
You can use either of – MIT, oxford, McGill-Queens, Toronto, The Digital press @ UND etc.
= ii (2 scholarly academic journals)
= (4 websites). Please do not use .com. only use .org or .edu. or .gov. You can also look in UMUC library database or any other University library database for accepted sources as well.
With 2-3 sentences each, explain how the 10 sources will contribute to your research paper stating weather each source is primary or secondary, describing the source’s thesis statement, main points of argument, and other key content, and explaining why each source is useful for your research paper.

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read the book and answer the question in a MLA format
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