ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY a case study of the NIMBY effect in Canada

| May 19, 2015

ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY An annotated bibliography is a critical review of a group of sources regarding a particular topic. It expands on a regular bibliography by including short summaries of the source by describing its key arguments/thesis, methods or approaches used and key findings/conclusions. While the annotated bibliography goes into less detail than a full abstract, it does give the reader a full sense of the article. Also, for this assignment you will need to provide a short discussion (2-3 sentences) on the relevance of the article for your topic and how each source may relate to the others compiled for the bibliography.

This bibliography should include six peer-reviewed, academic journal publications. The annotated bibliography should demonstrate that you have made a serious effort in your literature search and review. You have a three pages limit and each annotation should be ½ page in length at maximum.

Find a case study of the NIMBY effect in Canada. Define NIMBY and analyze and determine the underlying issues in your chosen community in light of course concepts.

• No title page.
• Single-spaced
• Times New Roman, 12pt
• Double-sided
• Include page numbers
• Use APA citation style
• ORIGINAL abstracts from the first page of journal articles MUST be attached to your annotated bibliography. These abstracts are in addition to the three (3) pages limit.

Your annotated bibliography will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

Suitability of the selected articles
• Are the journal articles academic and peer-reviewed?
• Do the sources represent varied views?
• Is more than one side of the issue represented?
• Are the articles current and represent the most recent developments? Articles should not be older than ten (10) years.
• Does the annotated bibliography represent a serious and skilled literature search?

Format and presentation
• Is the correct citation method used?
• Is the format consistent?
• Are the annotations the correct length? Is the bibliography within the 3-page limit?
• Does the assignment contain spelling and grammatical errors?

• Are the annotations original?
• Are the annotations critical as well as descriptive?
• Do the annotations provide accurate representations of the sources?
• Do the annotations indicate the usefulness of the source for your topic?

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