Annotated Bibliography

This bibliography must:

  1. Include your name at the top of the document
  2. Include the title of your project topic on the document
  3. Include at least 4 resources that support your topic
  4. List the 4 resources alphabetically by author
  5. Be attached as a .doc or .docx file to this Assignment

IMPORTANT: When you write a summary of the resource, you must write your own, original summary of the piece. Do not restate the author’s abstract.Take the time to include the resource’s relevance to your research. In other words, explain in your summary why this article, book, or website is important to the project’s topic.
The attached Annotated Bibliography will be run through automatically when you submit the assignment. is a repository and tool used to protect the authenticity of your work–no one else can use your annotated bibliography in another class. Once you submit this assignment, return to this area in 24 hours to review your originality score.

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