Animal Law Research Essay.

| October 18, 2015

Questions: You are required to choose one of the following questions for the essay:

Question 1 (Australia-focused)
Discuss the status of animals under Australian law or some aspect of Australian law. What is this status and how does it affect their treatment? In your essay consider the arguments for and against changing the status of animals and the implications that such changes would have for the treatment of animals.

Question 2 (Australia-focused)
In his work, Regulating Animal Welfare to Promote and Protect Improved Animal Welfare Outcomes under the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy, (delivered at the International Animal Welfare Conference, Gold Coast, 1 September 2008) Geoff Bloom argues at pages 30-40 that animal cruelty and animal welfare should be treated as separate issues. Explain Bloom’s approach and critically evaluate it using the treatment of farm animals in Australia as a case study.

Question 3 (Australia and US-focused)
What is the attitude of the law in Australia to claims in tort for emotional distress and loss of companionship with respect to companion animals? How does this compare with the approach taken by the courts in the USA? Has the USA jurisdiction developed a pattern or consistent doctrine in this area of the law?

Question 4 (Australia and US-focused)
This essay represents an area of research helpful to the Humane Society International. HSI’s Washington office is currently taking action in the US courts to stop the use of antibiotics being fed to farm animals due to public health and environmental (including endangered species) reasons. What is the potential for such a case in Australia? What may be the role of consumer law in achieving environmental outcomes?

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