Andriod App and Google app engine

| March 22, 2015

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I need to write a building recognition app provided with GPS,which consists of front-end Android app and back-end Google App Engines application.
****************** For the back-end ,Web-sever*************************
Beacause of the sandbox of Google App Engine,we cannot use “opencv library”,So we use Google Managed Virtual Machine which use docker to set up the runtime.I use python.
basically,the idea is that the web sever receive a Http Post and then read the image and positional information,processed by a recognition part to output the result.
your work is to set up the runtime and depoly it into Google app engine.I wrote a dockfile and it works on local server but it failed on Google app engine,it cannot use opencv.Also,the way i did it using “apt-get” can only have a very old version.I manged to build from sources but it failed to serve.precisely,you are going to write a dockfile to set up the runtime of google manged virtual machine so that it can use opencv-python
I would like to write the recoginition part.So once you finish the task metioned above you can move to second part
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