Analyzing Starbuck project- Business coffee

o   Marketing Mix. Based on the overall positioning strategy and positioning statement describe the elements and implementation of the marketing mix, explain how the marketing mix reinforces the positioning?
o   In terms of product strategy, describe how the product and its features support the overall positioning?
o   In terms of pricing strategy, describe the price differentials to those of the key competitors.  Explain the unique value proposition in terms of value versus price.  Use real prices to substantiate your discussion.
o   In terms of distribution strategy, explain what distribution strategy you would use and why?  What tradition channel as well as online distribution would you use and why? Give real life examples.
o   In terms of promotion, what would be the purpose of your overall promotional campaign and why?  What would be the central message?  Any slogans or tag lines? What would be the promotional schedule and other related promotional tactics to support your overall promotional campaign?
o   Marketing Metrics
o   Based on your proposed marketing mix, what marketing metrics will you use to measure the success of the implementation of the proposed marketing mix? And why?
o   Do not discuss what happened in the past.  Your metrics are based on what you anticipate might happen in the immediate future once you have implemented your proposed marketing mix.
analyzing starbucks for the project so youre going to have to look up information online reagrding that information for starbucks from reliable sources and databases. I also recommend looking up their latest annual report and looking that over, as im sure it has significant information regarding it.