Analyze the Handling of Strategic Issues in an Organization

| August 20, 2015

Answer each question as it applies to your organization, or interview someone about their organization. 1. Do the project managers of your organization understand the concept of strategic issues? How do they manifest this understanding in managing projects? 2. Do any formal methods exist in your organization for strategic issue management? What are they? How are they used? 3. Do the project managers of your organization attempt to identify project interfaces that can seriously impact the outcome of a project? Explain. 4. Does top management use any postproject appraisals to help uncover strategic issue-related problems? Does management see the value in postproject appraisals? 5. Does the management of your organization recognize the importance of understanding public perception? In what ways do project managers control public perception? 6. Are there any outside advocates that can be or are effective in altering public opinion in favor of your organization’s projects? 7. Do project managers assess the environmental impacts of projects? In what ways? 8. Could the phase approach to managing strategic issues be used effectively in your organization? How? 9. Are current project managers kept informed of the factors likely to impact project success or failure? 10. Does management seek to identify the relevant issues for each project stakeholder? 11. Does management identify the strategic relevance of each issue and determine the actionability, criticality, and urgency? In what ways is this done? What other methods could be used? 12. Are project team members made aware of strategic issues? How? Do they then attempt to monitor these issues as they relate to their own work packages Write a paper that includes this information: The name of the organization and pertinent background information about it. Your results from Steps 2-4. Any additional conclusions you can draw from your answers. Please use APA style the 6th edition. Thank You.

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