Analyze the authors argument

| February 4, 2015

In a 4–5 page essay, analyze the argument Andrew McBride makes in The Color of Water with respect to the theme you selected for your dialectical log. How does the theme you have chosen play out in the lives of McBride, his mother, and/or other relatives? What questions does McBride seem to raise with respect to this particular theme? Does McBride offer answers to any questions he raises, or does he leave questions unresolved? Ultimately, does he come to any conclusions or seem to take a position on this theme? In final form, this essay should be clearly stated, well–organized, and free of grammatical errors. Assertions you make about the book should be well supported with evidence from the text, and you should offer clear explanations of what the evidence shows. Your thesis should make a strong claim that focuses the theme and gives you something to prove or demonstrate. In addition, your essay should move beyond the easy and obvious. Your audience for this paper is a group of readers who have an interest in The Color of Water. Assume that your audience has read the book. A superior analysis will offer original insights and lead readers to a richer understanding than they might get from a casual reading of McBride’s book. While outside sources are not prohibited for this assignment, if you do incorporate ideas from sources other than the text itself, those ideas must be documented with attribution and parenthetical citations. Double–space your essay in 12 point Times New Roman font.

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Category: American Literature, Coursework

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