Analyze Scholarly Sources

| June 19, 2015

Analyze Scholarly Sources

Preview Activity: Review this Week’s Case Study
For this assignment, you will search for resources to help you respond to this week’s case study 9.2 in the textbook (Pride, Hughes, & Kapoor, 2014).

Review the case study and the questions asked. Then think about what types of resources might be useful to help you answer the questions.

Part 1: Search for Scholarly Sources to Help Respond to the Case Study
Start at the Databases or Find an Article page in the Library for the scholarly articles and the Find a Book page for a book. Locate three peer-

reviewed journal articles, one book chapter, and one scholarly resource (website or other resource). Begin by creating a table (a general example has

been provided below) and list the resources you find. This assignment should be completed in Microsoft Word. Construct a Word table and then include

it with the write-up described below so that you will submit one document to complete this assignment.


The columns of the chart are as follows:

First column – an appropriate citation (APA form) for the resource (article, book, other) you discovered in the library
Second column – provide the name of the database you used AND briefly describe the subject content, resource types, etc.
Third column – list the keywords you used in your search
Fourth column – list any search limiters such as full text, date, peer-reviewed, etc. that you used
Fifth column – provide a note about issues that arose and how you can improve your searching skills

Part 2: Respond to Questions about Searching Scholarly Databases
In the same document on a new page, respond to the following questions:

What is a database?
How useful was each database for you?
What about your experience was most confusing or frustrating?
What important journals, key scholars, or new ideas did you discover from your search?
What is your one take-away for conducting future searches?

General Assignment Instructions and Submission Guidelines

NCU reference lists should be presented with the hanging indent. Each reference should be single-spaced with a double space between. (This is

different from the APA manual). Remember to always use Times New Roman, 12 point, in all of your NCU courses.


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