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| July 2, 2016

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  1. Generally, whats going on with this case? What are the issues? What might affect the parties ability to reach a negotiated agreement? Feel free to inject your creative juices and write as if you imagine yourself in the middle of this situation.


  1. It might be easy to recognize that value would be created if the two sides in this dispute reached an agreement. But these parties seem to be having a difficult time reaching an agreement. Of course, not reaching an agreement in negotiation is not necessarily a bad thing. If there is no zone of possible agreement then no deal is where you should end up. From an economic, or value creation, point of view, do you think these parties should reach an agreement?


  1. If you decide that a deal should happen, explain why you think it should happen. Is the creation of $2 billion in revenue sufficient for us to conclude that these parties should reach an agreement?
  2. If, on the basis of our rough assessment, a deal should happen, why are these parties seemingly having a rough time? What is standing in the way of reaching an agreement?

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