Analytical essay ( sense and sensibility) Austen’s story

| August 20, 2015

Analytical essay not summary and the paragraph should be proportional. The only source you can use is the book or the Movie nothing else. 1. One theme of the novel is the difference (or lack thereof) between a character’s actions and their words. Is there any character(s) in particular that you noticed this in? (I’m asking you to identify and explain any you feel are worth discussing) 2. What did you like or dislike about a certain character? Choose one to explain how Austen’s story worked or didn’t, or compare two or three? (Explain or argue, and/or compare/contrast) 3. Did the story end the way you expected? Explain why you felt this way. Alternatively, choose one character, and explain how you knew they would do what they did, or how they changed or acted unexpectedly, and why you think they did so. 4. What do you think the title has to do with the story? Are there particular moments or parallels you can use to explain this? 5. a) Is there a central issue in this film? If so, what is it, and what character or characters deal with it? (again, you’re explaining and describing) b) If there are several issues, can you identify them and explain which character or characters deal with them, and how?

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