Analysis: Theory Case Study

| August 20, 2015

The textbook and online Course Content present a number of criminological, sociological, and developmental theories that endeavor to explain delinquent behavior among juveniles. In this assignment, you will select a real-life, notorious crime committed by a juvenile. This may be a crime perpetrated by a juvenile many years ago, or a case that is still active and in current events. You will argue for one of the particular delinquency theories as the most appropriate explanation for the perpetrator’s actions. Examples could include: Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the shooters in the 1999 Columbine High School massacre Lee Boyd Malvo, the juvenile half of the infamous Washington, D.C., snipers in 2002 Erik Menendez, age 17, murderer of his parents, assisted by his adult brother, Joseph Menendez, in 1989 the juvenile perpetrators (Eric Rivera, Jr., age 17; and Timothy Brown, age 16) involved in the home invasion and murder of Washington Redskins star player Sean Taylor in 2007 other juvenile offenders well-known at either the national or local level may be used with the prior approval of the instructor The paper should include the following sections: an introduction presenting an overview of the crime, including BRIEFLY the basic facts of what happened an analysis in which you present how one particular criminological, sociological, or developmental theory best explains the perpetrator’s actions, and why a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of that particular theory—how it is that the theory may fall short in explaining certain aspects of the crime. In light of this, discuss what other theory or combination of theories may better account for those particular aspects of the crime concluding thoughts summarizing your research and analysis Separate (Name and number of the course, Student’s name, title of the paper and date of submission) and separate bibliography page, neither included in the page count) All outside sources must adhere to APA citation format for both narrative/content citations and bibliography page. Format Requirements · Double space · 12 pt. font · 1” margins · Use APA citations for all sources (outside references not required) · Include APA reference page (not included in word count)

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Annotated Bibliography - JUVENILE CRIME
Examine the principles of critical thought in relation to the chosen societal concern, and consider the importance of ethics, moral reasoning, a research-based process to search for truth, and the advantages of information technology in gathering data

Category: Criminology

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