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| April 8, 2014

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There is an attached file that has the guidelines of this essay, please follow and stick to them strictly.
1. This assignment asks you to analyze, assess, and recombine (synthesize) ideas from your two main readings:
– An excerpt, Chapter 5, from Wangari Maathai’s (Random House, 2009) The Challenge for Africa titled “Deficits: Indebtedness and Unfair Trade” (pp. 83-110).
– An open online letter/essay by Arundhati Roy (1999) titled “The Greater Common Good,” Friends of River Narmada Homepage, .
2. You shall begin by reading, summarizing and reviewing two articles [Maathai-Roy]. Follow the review process pointers provided in WA 1.
Consider using the following reading strategies:
– Annotating: Recording your reactions to, interpretations of, and questions about a text as you read it.
– Taking inventory: Listing and grouping your annotations and other notes to find meaningful patterns.
– Outlining: Listing the texts main ideas to reveal how it is organized.
– Paraphrasing: Restating what you have read to clarify or refer to it.
– Summarizing: Distilling the main ideas or gist of a text.
– Synthesizing: Integrating your own writing ideas and information gleaned from different?
– Reflecting on challenges to your beliefs and values: Critically examining the bases of your
personal responses to a text.
3. Analyze or interpret both texts using John Peter’s five-pronged paradigm, which looks at the text’s/film’s social, emotional, rhetorical, logical and ethical perspectives. (See attached handout).
4. Note how both texts compare, that is, where do they intersect, what are the similarities, what are the differences, do they or do they not concur on controversial issues? What new controversies does each bring? What new understanding have you come to by reviewing them together? Reflect on the challenges to your beliefs and values the two articles pose. If one author/text came before the other, do you see any influences of the earlier on the later?
5. Formulate your thesis or argument. It should be clear, focused and presented in a manner that puts forward your opinion.
6. Your essay should have a title reflecting what your essay is about; introduction – introduce the readings, provide authors’ names, a little background info about them, e.g., their profession, and original place of publication of reading; summary of readings – should be of an appropriate length containing key ideas, be fair and accurate, and demonstrate ability to properly quote and paraphrase; thesis statement preferably on a controversial issue; response/body supporting your thesis and revealing your position on the issue being discussed by effectively drawing from both readings; conclusion – wraps up the arguments and pulls together new insights; and a references page. It should also adhere to the APA style of citation.
NOTE: you have to select topics from these article to synthesise them,do not synthesise the entire articles.
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