Analysis of Shell Oil Company’s Code of Ethics

| January 30, 2014

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Write a 1,200- to 1,400-word paper, one not using question-and-answer format, discussing your organization’s code of ethics in detail. Perform the following steps: I will attach instruction
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Analysis of Shell Oil Company’s Code of Ethics
Shell Oil Company is one of the earliest firms to be established in the energy sector. It has branches all over the world and it’s therefore a major player in the industry with a wide range of products that include petrol, diesel, cooking gas, engine oils and other related products. The company also invests a lot in carrying out research on products upgrade to suit the changing needs and requirements of its wide customer base .In line with this the company invests in quality assurance laboratories of the latest standards. . This is because the related industries like the vehicle manufacturing firms are constantly upgrading their products. Engine oils that were used a few years ago have undergone upgrading to suit the new engines that are being fitted in today’s vehicles. In its mission statement the firm resolves to engage profitably in oil, oil products and related businesses and to also seek other energy sources to meet the growing global demand (Shell Oil Company Code of Ethics, p.8). For the company to achieve these objectives it has a clear ethical system that acts as a guide to all operations carried out in the firm. It clearly states what is to be done at what time and provides……ORDER NOW….
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