Analysis of Personal Socialization Paper

| July 25, 2016

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Analysis of Personal Socialization Paper. The purpose of this assignment is to explore and integrate information related to your cultural heritage with issues related to becoming a sensitive multicultural counselor. The assignment is divided into three parts:

(a) cultural heritage

(b) personal cultural experience, and

(c) development as a sensitive multicultural counselor

Specific questions are provided below to stimulate your thinking across a range of cultural factors. Respond to each of the questions as appropriate, except when no information is available. Section C, does have specific questions that you need to address, these questions are not optional. (Remember, sometimes the fact that something is not valued is as meaningful as the fact that something is assigned value.) Include additional information as needed to complete a picture of your family heritage and personal cultural experience. At the close of this section, I will address confidentiality and privacy. This paper should be a minimum of 10 pages in length, excluding the title page and reference section.

Cultural heritage: In this section address information you are able to obtain about your ancestors passed on by word of mouth or family documents. (Note that I am NOT asking for a genealogy here, although you may use that to provide structure for presenting your information.) What nationalities are you able to identify; what type of work was done? What forms of artistic expression were important? Were there specific values you can identify (e.g. religion, education, work, food, or family)? Were traditional rites or ceremonies important to your ancestors? What types of personalities and communication styles can you identify? What views were held about diversity? In what ways were your ancestors impacted by diversity–gender, nationality, race, or religion? Were they native to this country or immigrants from another country? Under what circumstances did immigration occur? Did the family live in a community in this country with the same nationality (e.g. German community)? How did acculturation occur? How was the native language treated by the family? Did the family move to different locations or remain in the same community across generations? Under what circumstances did moving occur? How did the social and cultural nature of society at the time influence your ancestors?

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