Analysis of home country assignment

| August 20, 2015

Instructions: Consider whether the writing you did for your home country assignment reflects a communication style typical of your culture. Here are some points to consider: 1) Consider the characteristics of the writing you did. Where did you learn these? Does the writing have characteristics that relate to how people in your culture talk to each other? 2) Are the characteristics you found like the ones discussed by Fox (1994) or Shen (1989)? (For example, Shen writes about making long introductory remarks before introducing the topic or main point, and using images as a form of literary critique). 3) Compare and contrast the characteristics of your writing to our list of characteristics of U.S. writing. Does your writing share any U.S. characteristics? Did you learn these characteristics when learning to write English or your home language? 4) Come to a conclusion about whether your writing is culturally-influenced or not. Based on the thinking you’ve done, take a stand: Do you think cultures have different characteristics for writing, or do you think they share characteristics, and use different ones for different types of writing? 5) Structure your analysis in an essay form. The above four points are approaches to thinking about this essay. They are not ways to structure your essay. You do not have to cover all of them.

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