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| March 11, 2014

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For the Primary Source Evaluations, you are to write a two to three page paper, in paragraph form, in which you place into context and evaluate the historical evidence of one of the primary source documents assigned for this class. You may choose any primary source that we have or will discuss by the due date of the Evaluation.
Your paper should address the following questions:
• What type or genre of text is the source? (Chronicle, letter, government document, piece of literature, etc.
• When and where was this source produced and who produced it?
• What was going on at the time the source was produced? (Historical context)
• Under what circumstances was the source produced and who was the intended audience?
• How does this source further our understanding of the period in history in which it was produced? (Historical analysis)
• What further questions does this source raise?
The resource I’m gonna write about is [Civil servants: ‘Abd al-Hamid, Letter to the Secretaries(before 750)]
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