Analysis of Disaster Management of the Hillsborough Stadium Disaster

| February 19, 2015
Assessment Item Two: Case Study Assignment
Imagine you have been asked to provide expert commentary on an event to a senior level of government (e.g. A Minister). Students will undertake an examination of an event that has occurred. A commentary of the event should be prepared including:
1. A description of the event.
2. An analysis of how the management of the event accorded with the principles of effective disaster management throughout the cycle of preparedness, response and recovery.
3. A discussion of how the lessons learned from the event (both what went well and what did not go well) may be applied in the future.
•The assignment should demonstrate your analytical abilities, an understanding of the basic principles and the ability to identify and critically analyse the issues that you identified.
-Students should undertake this task individually, although it is recognised that individual students may elect to examine the same event. Students may select their own events or seek advice from the lecturers and Unit Coordinator. You would be strongly advised to discuss your selection with one of the staff during the block program.
•There is no particular word limit for this assessment, but it is recommended that you stay within 1500-3000 words. It should be noted that brevity can represent clarity of expression.
•See the attached marking criteria and aim for highest mark. See the attached documents
•you can use some of the references in the study guide and some you bring

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